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Transform with Luz! In-person private sessions are available in Misawa, Japan NOW! Book your session today for a personalized practice and incredible benefits.


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  • What is Aerial Yoga? And What is your class style?
    Aerial yoga is a type of yoga in which students use a fabric hammock to practice yoga poses. Using the silk as a prop, students can get better support, a deeper stretch and the opportunity to safely enter inversions and other poses they might not ordinarily try in a regular yoga class. Luz will personalized what you need and like, offers private session based on these 2 styles: THERAPEUTIC AERIAL YOGA is grounded in traditional yoga principles and focuses on breath, mindful movement, and sensation, focus on deep stretch, it's very meditative and relaxing. AERIAL FLOW YOGA is based on yoga asana, practicing in a flow style which will focus on core and upper body strength. It's also a good way to improve your flexibility.
  • What are the benefits of Aerial Yoga
    Aerial yoga also called ANTI-GRAVITY YOGA which is really good on: Increase flexibility Spinal decompression Building core strength
  • Who should Not take Aerial Yoga class, and Is there any age or weight limit for Aerial Yoga classes?
    Anyone can try aerial classes, especially the private session will be personalized to what you need according my over 5 years teaching experience. Age is not a limit: I have some students are over 50, the oldest student, Bling Lin, she is over 65 and YES, she is so amazing on the hammock! Weight is not a limit: Aerial yoga studio are required to installed the equipment that can secured and safely hold thousand pounds, thus, for a group class we recommend a body weight limit of 200 lbs or less. For private session, there is no body weight limit, per se. I do everything I can to accommodate ALL body types (offering modifications, skill progressions). As with any fitness activity, if you have any health concerns, please check with your health care provider before participating.
  • What should I bring / wear before Aerial Yoga class?
    What to bring Towel, water and yoga mat (Please let me know if you don't have one) What to wear I recommend close-fitting, but comfortable clothing. Tank tops and shorts are discouraged, as the hammock can pinch when directly against bare skin. Shirts with sleeves and longer pants or leggings are preferable. I also recommend that everyone coming to class wear socks, preferably with grip to minimize slipping and to keep your silks fresh. **Attachment is the reminder for all Aerial Yoga class participants, please kindly read it before attending the class.
  • What's your Booking & Cancellation policy?
    Schedule your class ahead is required. All purchases are non-refundable, but you are welcome to transfer it to anyone before it expired. Cancellation more than 12 hours before your appointment allows rescheduling or account credit. Cancellation within 12 hours is non-refundable. IMPORTANT: If you are sick with any type or severity of symptom, please do not come into the studio and call or email us to let us know you are unable to make your reservation.
  • Do I have to book in advance for the class?
    Yes, I currently offer private class at Mardava studio where I will need to make an appointment for using the space. You can reserve your spot up to one month in advance.
  • Can I share my package with family or friends?
    Yes, you may transfer your package to your family before it expired.
  • Location & Parking
    Location: Mardava Yoga studio Address : Fukaya 1-178-18 (Google map) The black building, car park is the bigger space at the main street.
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